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from bob fields Thank you!

I landed on your website because of a mistake in searching for a name in Google. Oh, the thumnails look interesting, I thought, Then I clicked on a slideshow. I have now just watched several of your slideshows.
What a welcomed and an unexpected treat for the eyes and for the soul!! Thank you!

For me it was just a delicious experience, and it pulled me completely out of my world and it refreshed me.

I hope you can leave your website up for others to stumble upon it (as I have) and be refreshed as I have.

And grateful to you as I am.

Thank you!!


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from Patricia A. Casey
on December 25, 2008
 Hello, Bob,
I'm glad to hear you stumbled across my web page and equally delighted that you enjoyed the images. The photos I take are an attempt to capture the beauty I see in the world...feel free to visit often as I do add photos from time to time. Also feel free to share it with your friends...You are very welcome....Patricia 

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